Zumi Technical Marketing

When basic representation won’t cut it, Zumi steps in.

Have advertising agencies, strategic consultants, public relations firms or investment bankers ever promised they know your business; only to find out they don’t have the technical “chops” to really understand?

Have you had to rewrite everything they send you?

Translating technical ideas and services of engineered construction products is Zumi’s expertise.

Expertise in Engineered Construction Products
Relating Technical Ideas to the Market
Customer Satisfaction

Consider Zumi Multilingual.

Bridging the gap between sales communications and the technical world of engineering and construction; we pride ourselves on the ability to speak both languages in order to give your business optimal results.

Zumi's ability to effectively communicate, coupled with our vast knowledge, gives us the capacity to manage any project and provide the best service.


Meet the Team


George Zagorski


George is a recognized expert in interpreting and writing performance specifications, technical literature and presentations tailored to the engineering and construction community. 

His experience in the fields aids clients to ensure or demonstrate proper installation methods or trouble shooting problems from incorrect procedures.


Gracie Zagorski

Executive Assistant 

Besides the occasional nap on the job, Gracie is the best Executive Assistant Zumi could ask for.

Gracie specializes in providing positive company morale, team support, and has an extensive background in long walks and fetching balls.