Technical Marketing

Some products require a specialized approach. Zumi steps in as a marketing facilitator in a niche market when basic representation simply won't cut it. Utilizing extensive background and experience, Zumi is able to effectively communicate highly technical concepts to connect engineered products with the right audience.


Zumi has the experience to match the product to the market and the best method to attack. Additionally, Zumi has the experience to inspect, troubleshoot and consult on field installations.

Sales & Product Development

Working with engineers and construction teams to understand a product to its core, Zumi gets involved in the full life-cycle of product development. From leading and guiding the new product development process, to acting as a liaison throughout the sales process. Zumi has you covered.


Zumi Is Your Communications Expert.

Serving Manufacturers of Alternative Engineered Construction Products. 

Focusing on an array of synthetics commonly used in highway construction, waste management, power & telecommunications construction markets.

Zumi provides the best specialized consulting and technical marketing in the industry.

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